Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another disastrous season with no playoff hopes facing the TB Bucks

Rightardia has never been a fan of professional football.  Perhaps it is because the Tampa Bay Bucks are the local pro team. At one time we thought the Bucks were just a bad team, but then we found the first owner was just cheap.

He had the slimmest payroll in pro football and also made the biggest profits.
The first owner, Hugh Culverhouse, was even a piker in death. He was able to cheat his wife and daughter out of their inheritances.

When the new owners showed up, the Glazers, the fans were hoping for big changes. the new owner, Macolm Glazer assured the media he would rebuild the team in 1996.

Fourteen years latter the Bucks are tied  with the Chiefs with the lowest payrolls in the NFL ($79 million). The average NFL team spend $107 million. This is why the Bucks suck. This is also why the Bucks never draft free agents.

To make matters worse, the team has a second year rookie coach, Raheem Morris, who had a terrible season last year and may be the worst coach in pro football.

The first team quarterback, Josh Freeman, broke his thumb against the other cheapskate team, the Chiefs. It usually takes minimally one season to train a new quarterback so it look like the Bucks are finished for another season.

What are the chances for the playoffs: slim and next to none. 

To add injury to insult, the Glazers have blacked out the last two pre-season games to be simulcast because Bucks field attendance has been so low. It is likely the entire season will be kept off of the air. Rightardia has also heard that eight malls the Glazer's own are in receivership so the family is having financial problems.

Perhaps the the Glazers have done Tampa Bay a favor by keeping the Bucks off of the air. At least the fans will not have to watch the worst team in football play.

I'll be catching up on some international football (soccer) on Sundays when the NFL seasons starts.

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