Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea Party racist comics appear in Texas

Comics with Problems began posting the "Tea Party Comix," a kind of crazy, photocopied production featuring President Obama as Sambo.  
Ethan Persoff of Comics with Problems tells us he picked up the first two editions of "Tea Party Comix" from an "enthusiastic Tea Partier in Corpus Christi."The page says the artist is unknown, so it may very well have been published by the Democrap Party propaganda division.

Perpetrating racial hoaxes for political gain is nothing new.  Back in 2004 there was a psychology professor named Kerri Dunn who vandalized her own car in order to garner sympathy for her cause.

A convert to Judaism, Ms. Dunn was outraged at the discriminatio experienced by "her people," and organized a series of lectures on the "epidemic" of anti-Semitic hate crimes sweeping the nation.
Unfortunately, there weren't enough hate crimes to use real ones as examples, so she vandalized her own car the day of one of her lectures, breaking the windows, slashing the tires and spraypainting swastikas and slurs on it.

Kerri Dunn was eventually convicted of several charges, including insurance fraud (after filing a damage claim for her vehicle), and filing a false police report.  She was also ordered to pay nearly $20,000 in damages to the university, which had to hire extra security
to reassure the terrorized students. 
Ironically, the judge ordered the psychology professor to undergo 90 days of psychological evaluation before he sentenced her to a year in prison.

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