Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lary King Live: Sarah Palin to pose in Playboy

Besides talking about Sarah Silverman's new book, The Bedwetter, Larry King closed the interview with a question about Sarah Palin. This wasn’t going to end well.

As Newsbusters points out, King tossed Silverman the softball and, naturally, she hit it predictably right down the middle.

“Sarah Palin, what do you think, Sarah Palin, I’ve got to say her name because we have to say it every night,” said King.

“About what? Her posing in Playboy?” asked Silverman. “I think she should go for it.”

It is to be expected from a comedian as blue as Silverman to throw something like that into the middle of the discussion. But then, King quickly responded, “Agreed. Thank you Sarah.”

So Larry King is agreeing that Sarah Palin should pose in Playboy. Was he joking? Sure. Does that make it right?

Rightardia thinks it does. We suspect Sarah Palin would do just about anything for the right price. 


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elon said...

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Rightardia said...

Why not. Someone needs to tell the truth. America has been hijacked by corporatists and the affluent who think they own the USA.

Dylan Hall said...

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Rightardia said...

What specific information are you looking for? This was a humorous segment on Larry King Live.

Anonymous said...

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Rightardia said...

Pleas join Rightardia as a follower of friend. Thank you for your kind comment.