Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dancing with the Stars: The Wicked Witch is Gone

We predicted last week the Kate Gosselin would be next on the Dancing with the Stars hit parade. Gosselin's mannequin-like dancing gave way to 'real' tears when she was voted off “Dancing With the Stars” on Tuesday night.

Rightardia was glad to see her go. Her dancing regressed on Monday when she walked around the dance floor. She seems to have no rhythm at all and doesn't feel the music.

Her demeanor is just as bad. She was condescending again toward her partner,  Tony Dovolani, during the rehearsal snippet. She indicated on the Jimmy Kimmel show that she would have done better if she had spent less time with her children. Rightardia doubts it.

The big mystery in the Monday show is Pamela Anderson. She is one of the better dancers that should be in third or fourth position, but the fans consistently vote her down. Perhaps it has something to do with the bimbo persona she has cultivated over the years. She may need to hire a new PR person if she is trying to revive her career.

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