Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Provocative Russia Today ads rejected by airports

Major US airports refused to display images intended for use in the RT's December'09 US advertising campaign. An alternative version (the one saying 'Our Ad. Politically correct.) was accepted though, and can be seen on display in airports of New York NY, Washington DC, Baltimore MD and Newark NJ.

RT advertisements, which are turning heads in the UK, juxtapose provocative images which show different sides of a story. RT asks questions and encourage viewers to question more, since you can only reach a balanced judgment by being better informed. By challenging the accepted view, RT reveals a side of the news that you wouldn't normally see.

We agree and find all sorts of information on Russia Today and Ria Novosti that cannot be found elsewhere. We like the alternative and refreshing view points. Well done, Russia today!

After all, the more you question, the more you know.

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