Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zogby-Scoop 44 interactive survey: Is Bush to blame for the economic downturn?

There’s a new president in office, but a new Zogby-Scoop 44 interactive survey shows nearly half of likely voters – 47% — put the blame for the nation’s current job losses squarely on the previous administration.

While it comes as no surprise that Democrats are quick to find fault with the Bush administration and Republicans are much more likely to believe the policies of the Obama administration are largely responsible for the current unemployment figures, political independents are much more closely divided.

Independent likely voters are slightly more likely to blame Bush administration policies (42%) than Obama administration policies (36%), and nearly one in five (18%) said neither administrations’ policies are the cause of rising unemployment.

The vast majority of those who believe the country is now headed in the right direction – 93% — believe that the previous administration is to blame for the country’s current job woes. Those who believe the country is on the wrong track, however, take the opposite view – 70% who think the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction also believe Obama administration policies are directly responsible for the nation’s job losses since he took office in January.

The survey also found that most 18- to 29-year-olds blame the economic policies of the Bush administration for the nation’s continued job losses . . .

Those from less –affluent households are most likely to blame Bush administration policies for the country’s job losses – nearly two-thirds of those with less than $25,000 in household income (62%) say the previous administration is responsible for job losses. As household income increases, likely voters are less likely to put the blame on Bush, but likely voters from all income levels are more likely to believe the Bush administration is more at fault than the Obama administration.


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