Monday, August 31, 2009

New laser eye surgery –with no cuts

31 August, 2009

But soon even this futuristic technology may seem ancient as true technology of the 21st Century steps in.

“Our laser is able to penetrate the eye's cornea without damaging its surface. As a result we can make the needed changes inside the eyeball without having to open it first,” shares Konstantin Lapshin, senior researcher at Physics Instrumentation Centre.

The femtosecond laser generates impulses of light less than one billionth of a second long. Such beams can cut or evaporate matter when several lasers are aimed at one spot.

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Charles Day said...

Now since the technology has revolutionized that much, we should thank all the great minds who have made such surgeries painless with less of human interference involved.Thanks for sharing this Laser Profilingtopic.

Rightardia said...

Thank you for your comment. The Russians actually invented the Lasiks technology because glasses were so expensive to manufacture in the old USSR. Russian technology is excellent although they need to improve on quality control.