Tuesday, November 29, 2016

West Word for the Alt-Right

Saw West World with Yul Brynner many years ago. it was one one of the first SCIFI movies with robots. Haven't seen the TV version yet, but one of my FaceBook pals, Ruben Betancourt, says it is terrific.

This is a concept for an alt-right version of West World. 


Donald Trump is the sheriff is a perfect American town. His deputies are all West World robots who patrol the town to make sure all the towns people fly American flags. The deputies also have mock gunfights with the townspeople for entrancement.

No one got hurt until some Russian and Wikileaks hackers mistakenly break into the West World mainframes, turning the deputy robots into killers. The  deputies start shooting up the villagers who had flag violations. Anyone driving while black in the village was also gunned down.  Women wearing a Hijab or men Wearing turbans  were also attacked.

The Donald called up Jeff Sessions and asked him to send some of his white knights to West Word for help. The militia men drove into town if full Klan regalia in jeeps and humvees.

Gunfights between the robots and the Klan went on for several days until the robo-deputies were driven form the town.

The leader of the robos is named Jules Berner. He is wanted deactivated or alive. 

Sheriff Donald Trump was elated and opened the  town saloon to the victors who we allowed to play grabass with the robo-dance hall girls. Many of the robo-ladies were refurbed Stepford wives.
According to Sheriff trump. all of the robo-ladies are 10's

Ensuing episodes will show  the White Knight and militia men hunting down the escaped robo-deputies, Silicon Valley has built a Underground Railloop to help the robots who are still on the lam.

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