Thursday, July 3, 2014

Purchasing a secure router on the Internet can be risky

Take care where you purchase a router with improved security firmware. 

I use a DD-WRT router in my home to keep hackers at bay, both white hat and black hat.

Some  black hat hackers in Estonia developed DNSChanger malware that changes the DNS addresses and routers to rogue DNS servers that redirect your web queries to spoofed financial and retail sites to harvest credit card numbers and bank account passwords.

The white hat hackers who work for the government think they are protecting America by bugging routers and watching your email and Internet posts on Facebook.

In the past most of these white hats worked for NSA. Today with the advent of Homeland Security, local law enforcement has also gotten into the white hat fray. These locals are the people who concern Rightardia.

Expedited delivery? 

After the DD-WRT router started acting up, two Tomato routers were ordered form SunnyVIOP in Watertown,NY. The router was picked up by Fedex on Monday at 3:01 pm.

Most Amazon orders arrive in two to three days. Expected the routers  would be delivered today (Thursday) because Rightardia paid more that $16 for expedited delivery.

Yet, the Fedex tracker claimed the router wouldn't be delivered until the following Monday because the delivery would be completed through the Fedex' SmartPost, the US Postal service.

SmartPost sounds like a bad idea.  It should be called DumbPost.

Does this sound strange that a  router would take more than three more working days to be be delivered from Orlando which is less than 1.5 hours from Palm Harbor?

According to Ed Snowden, the government has been bugging IT equipment. In
view of the long delivery time, it is likely the Tomato routers will have NSA backdoors in them for government purposes.

Apparently, the government is bugging home routers, too.

Plan to RMA the routers back to  SunnyVOIP in Watertown,NY because the units will have been compromised by the time they arrive. If the government can hack my routers, so can the black hats.

This is the main reason I don't use MS Windows, the Swiss cheese of operating systems (OS). The government pays MS big bucks for MS to engineer back doors into their OS.

Looks like I will have to buy some new routers locally and roll my own by upgrading them with Tomato firmware.

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