Monday, May 12, 2014

The Nazi baby machine

Hitler sought a superior and pure race.

The Nazi party emphasized the family and told Germans how to raise their children.

The Nazis provided incentives to mothers to have as many children as possible regardless of whether women was married or not.

The Nazi party created an ideal mother archetype. Their objective were millions blond blue-eyed Aryans who would lead and take over Europe. 

The Nazis’ first task was to encourage families to produce as many children as possible. With a greater population, Nazi Germany could become a strong and pure nation. 

During the Weimar era, the birth rate was dropping.  In an effort to change this, the Nazis encouraged motherhood through propaganda. Mothers were esteemed as heroes, and this idea was instilled in children through books and radio programs. 

A mother, her daughters and her son in the uniform of the Hitler Youth in the magazine "SS-Leitheft February 1943.

German mothers were expected to produce children and 'Marriage loans' were also created for recently married couples to fund a baby. These loans were to be used as “vouchers for furniture and other household goods. The German women had to give up work to devote herself to marriage and motherhood.

In order to ensure the success of these marriage loans, there were increased taxes for single people and couples without children.

There was also the concept of the good German mother in propaganda.

We see several of these themes in the GOP today:

1. national family values
2. vouchers
3. stereotypical role of women often using a biblical basis
4. outlawing or putting severe limits abortion even in cases of rape
5. parental rights for rapists. 
6. making women pay for rape kits and forensic tests after filing rape charges
7. outlawing or restricting birth control 

The Republican concept of US exceptionalism even ties into Nazi Master Race idea.  Many Republicans believe the US is superior to other nations and has a destiny to lead the world.
The Nazis did not produce enough children and actually ran out of solders by the end of the war.  When the Red army entered Berlin, parts of it were defended by children, the Hitler Jugend. This is one of the last pictures of Der Fuhrer before he committed suicide.

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