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WMR: U.S., Soros may pump $100 million into Capriles campaign in Venezuela

March 14-15, 2013 -- U.S., Soros may pump $100 million into Capriles campaign in Venezuela

 March 14-15, 2013 
Although they know they have an uphill climb in defeating Venezuelan acting President and Hugo Chavez's hand-picked successor Nicolas Maduro, Western governments, banks, and corporations may pump as much as $80-$100 million in support of Venezuelan opposition leader and Governor of Miranda state Henrique Capriles Radonski's presidential campaign. Venezuela's presidential election in slated for April 14.

Capriles is a darling of the George Soros Open Society Institute and U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the latter an operating element of the CIA-linked U.SA. Agency for International Development (USAID).

For years, NED, through the U.S. Republican party's International Republican Institute and Democratic Party's National Democratic Institute, has filled the coffers of Capriles's Primero Justicia (First Justice) movement, as well as COPEI, a Christian Democratic party supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel's friends at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and Un Nuevo Tiempo (A New Era). The latter is a "social democratic" party centered in Zulia state, the main oil-producing region of Venezuela.

Although the party is a contrivance of the CIA and Western oil companies, it was admitted as a member of Socialist International, itself a cipher for corporate interests. Support for the Venezuelan opposition has also poured in from the right-wing governments of Spain and Canada.

It is too early to tell whether the election of Pope Francis I, the Argentine Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, will affect Vatican and other Catholic Church support for the anti-government opposition students' movement centered at the Catholic University of Andres Bello (UCAB) with its campuses in Caracas, Los Teques, Guayana, and Coro. It is important to note that UCAB is a Jesuit university.

USAID interlocutors working for Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), a CIA firm that once employed President Obama's mother in her CIA field work in Indonesia and, more recently, Alan Gross's anti-Castro work in Cuba with Cuban Jewish dissidents, are very active with the anti-Maduro forces in Venezuela.

Recently, two U.S. air attaches at the U.S. embassy in Caracas were expelled for trying to drum up support for an anti-government coup during the transition brought about by the death of Chavez.

Meanwhile, the non-profit Democracy Corps run by the political consulting firm of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Democratic Party strategist James Carville is making full use of social networking technology, a strategy financially backed by Soros's OSI and related NGOs, to hype Capriles as a natural successor to Chavez.

A recent study by the Democracy Corps states: "Even though Maduro accused the opposition of plotting to generate instability in Venezuela, the truth is that opposition leader Hnerique Caoriles Radonski did more to promote peace among twitter users than Maduro.

After Capriles Radonski publicly expressed his condolences to Chavez's family and called for peace and unity, twitter users were more likely to use the word "peace" on their posts than after Maduro's announcement."

Western media has also stressed that Capriles is the grandson of Polish Jewish holocaust survivors and that Venezuela's very wealthy Jewish community somehow feels "threatened" by Venezuela's non-aligned foreign policy and relations with Iran, Palestine, and Syria.

Populist movements in Latin America have always been anathema to certain U.S. moneyed interests. Rockefeller family operative Henry Kissinger, in speaking of the Nixon administration's desires to block Socialist party leader Salvador Allende from becoming president of Chile, said in 1970: "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people."

Ever since, the CIA and USAID, through Soros-funded NGOs, DAI, NED, and the right wing Freedom House, has grossly interfered in Western Hemisphere elections. NED, established in 1984 by right-wingers in the Ronald Reagan administration, saw Allen Weinstein as its first acting president.

Weinstein went on the head the Center for Democracy [merged with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in 2003], funded by NED, and he was a founding member of the neo-conservative U.S. Institute of Peace, the Washington DC headquarters of which was designed by an Israeli architect.

In a controversial move, Weinstein was appointed by the George W. Bush administration as Chief Archivist of the United States, the perfect position from which to direct the exemption from public release and destruction of thousands of files on the roles of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and GHW Bush administration officials in CIA coups against foreign leaders and foreign election interference. Weinstein resigned as Chief Archivist in 2008.

The pro-Israeli Weinstein was succeeded as acting chief of NED by permanent NED president Carl Gershman in 1984, who has remained in the job ever since. Gershman fills the description of so many neo-conservatives. He was a Trotskyite socialist activist who became a supporter of American imperial designs on the rest of thee world through overt domestic interference in the affairs of other nations.

Even as a socialist, Gershman called for Cuba's Fidel Castro to cease his support for leftist guerrilla movements around the world. He now champions independence for Tibet and is closely aligned with the goals of Soros. Gershman steered NED funding to the coup plotters who temporarily ousted Chavez in a 2002 coup d'etat. He is now directing NED funding to the Capriles campaign.

No sooner had Gershman taken over the reins at NED, the organization began steering funds into the campaign of Panamanian presidential candidate Nicolas Barletta, who was supported by General Manuel Noriega's National Guard and the CIA.

At the time, Panama was a key nexus in the drug and weapons smuggling activities of the CIA, Oliver North, and Colombian drug cartels in support of the Nicaraguan contras in their war against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

Barletta won narrowly won election but the vote tally was challenged by his opponent Arnulfo Arias, the octogenarian former president. It was later suspected that the CIA hacked into the central vote tallying computer and altered the results, the first time an election had been altered through external computer tampering.

Weinstein's and Gershman's NEC pronounced the election fair and Washington quickly recognized the Barletta administration.

Meanwhile, government critic Hugo Spadafora, an Italian national and former guerrilla who fought in Guinea-Bissau, announced that he had evidence linking Noriega and, by default, his man Barletta, to drug and weapons smuggling. While Barletta was in new York City being lauded by Gershman and his friends,

Spadafora's headless body was discovered near the Costa Rican-Panamanian border. HIs head had been sawed off with a butcher's knife and was never found. In 1985, Barletta was forced to resign.

NED later supported conservative groups with names like Via Civica (Civic Way) in Nicaraguan elections. The words "civil society" or "civic way" now denote the groups supported by Soros and associated CIA-linked NGOs.

However, NED is much more effective using private firms like DAI, Delphi International Group, and other Washington, DC private firms that are nothing more than brass plate operations of the CIA.

The NED always "gets its man" -- whether its Hugo Chavez with cancer or Hugo Spadafora with a butcher's knife to the neck.

exclusive copy courtesy of Wayne Madsen Reports

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