Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Rightardia doesn't take the far right seriously

The far right is highly ideological and the their rants are predictable.

Most are angry because Mittens didn't get elected and they think they needs to take the country back, using force from citizen militias if necessary.

Most buy into standard conservative ideas that have been around for years with the exception of the right wing libertarians.   These people represent about 18 per cent of the population at best. Many are against international  military adventurism of the establishment Republicans. Most also oppose foreign aid.

Many libertarians are reminiscent of isolationist Republicansthat were common prior to the onset of World War 2. Charles Lindbergh is a good example. He was a Nazi sympathizer and didn't want the US at war with Germany.

The far right clearly prefers a corporatist model in which corporate leaders run both the government and the corporations. Corporatism has been called the first stage of fascism

The first stage of fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporations.  

The Tetards think the US is headed down the road to socialism although the Democratic party is centrist. The problem is the Teatards are so far to the right, they see any political ideas to the left of them as socialistic  communistic or fascist  Why fascism? Because many Teatards do not have clear grasp of the difference between fascism and socialism 

This graphic of the political spectrum shows that fascism is on the right and communism on the left. The two extreme political philosophies do have some common ground: statist centralized government and collectivist approaches to the economy.

However, communism is international movement. Fascism is national and fueled by militarism, corpratism and religion

Adolf Hitler's primary goal in World War 2 was to defeat the Russian Bolsheviks  and to replace Russian communism with a trans-Germanic culture that centered around Berlin. 

The Teatards support most conservative objectives with the exception of  US international militarism. This seem t be the biggest area of friction that the Tea Party has with Establishment Republicans like John McCain.

The farther political ideas go the left or right, they more ideological and predictable they become. The US is a centrist nation and has rejected politically extreme ideas in the past. This is why Rightardia doesn't take Tetards seriously.

During the GOP primary, an assortment of far right clowns was paraded before the electorate. New clowns like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have also appeared. Do any of these have any chance of becoming president?

The "my way or the highway" right wing candidate will never win a presidential election. 
This seems to be highly unlikely.

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