Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why do young women often choose the wrong man?

Today I was on my Facebook page talking to a beautiful young woman who had been mistreated by her boy friend. This woman was probably at least 30 years younger than I am.

I thought back to may high school and college days. I recall many of the high school queens and "nice girls" often ended up with men of low potential.

The guys these ladies would pick were often more mature looking than the other young men and drove fast cars, many drank and smoked before the legal age to do so. Of course, I also lived  in an era in which drugs were not readily available.

Often some the ladies would go for the jock type. These guys were often physically more mature than their peers, but rarely the brightest bulb in the classroom.

Admittedly, some athletes achieve exceptional professional careers, but even for the best collegiate athletes their odds of landing a professional career are are low. An injury often ends an athletes' career.

If fact, my son just moved in a an expensive saltwater aquarium in my home for about 10 per cent of what the system cost. A pro athlete was injured, he lost his spot on the team and had to move back into his parent's home with wife and child. The parents got rid of the beautiful aquarium to make room.

What is the future of the "mature too fast type males" that like fast cars, to drink and to smoke or do drugs  Many will end up in the justice system and serve time.

Many or these early "wrong guy" marriages end in divorce. When I as thirty and recently divorced, I would visit the local Air Force officer's club on Friday night. About half of the women there were recently divorced, the other half: married and looking. Most of these women married too early and picked men who had low potential.

Form my perspective, women should realize that life starts after high school or college when the game is really on. Life's rules are a lot different then they are in an academic environment.

A young female should consider a man's potential. A young man  who wants to drive fast, drink and do drugs has very little potential in the writers' opinion.  Women should run from a man like this.

A far as athletes go, what can the young man do when the pro career ends.? i have met athletes with engineering degrees so I am not tying to stereotype these men. However, women would be smart to avoid men who have spent most of their lives developing their body but not their minds. Many physical education (PE) majors do have futures as high school coaches.

Many athletes who don't make the pros also have careers as used car or insurance salesman.

Women should not neglect their own education for the sake of a man. I do recall a couple of cases in which young women worked to put their boy friends through college. The man later dumped the female after he was graduated for college because he found his girlfriend less interesting once he had a degree.

I told my stepson many years ago that if he wanted to find a quality women he needed to have a career and be able to provide for a wife and family. He didn't take my advice. He is now in his early forties and unmarried.

Last holiday season I discussed my stepson's situation with a clergyman in the family. His comment was that some men should never marry. 

My advice to a young woman is to consider a man's potential. If he is not interested in education, a career, or improving himself, perhaps this is the wrong man for you.

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