Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The political spectrum in the US

The right wing constantly mangles politics in the US and confuses socialism with fascism. While conservatives have been unsuccessfully trying to portray Democrats as socialistic or communistic, much of their own party has descended into fascism. 

Rightardia sees the US political spectrum like this. There is a center with progressive Democrats on the left center, followed by Blue Dog Democrats in the center and Yellow dog Democrats in the center right.

At this time there are no Yellow Dog Democrats in Congress.

On the right, I would place libertarians, followed by country club or establishment Republicans. On the extreme right fascists that include most of the ditto heads, the Tea Partiers and the citizen militia members.

An international political spectrum

There is a center and right in the US, but there is no coherent left wing. Form an international prospective, the US is a center right nation that has shifted to the center after the last election.

Conservatives view Democrats as socialists while Democrats view the GOP as having descended into authoritarian fascism. The Democratic approach has been to reform or tweak different social programs like health care. The GOP message is prescriptive   you can't have an abortion, you can't use birth control, you can't have a union in this state, or we can't make it too easy to vote of people will commit voter fraud.

Republicans view Democrats as takers;. Democrats view republicans as "take aways." 

There are both dictators on the left and right, a subtlety conservatives seem to miss. 
Here is a list of US friendly right wing dictators, past and present

On the right, These are people like Shah Pahlavi, Augusto Pinochet, and Anastasia Somoza of Guatemala  
Left wing dictators are people such as Mao Zedong(China) Kim Jong-Il (North Korea) Fidel Castro (Cuba) Josef Stalin (USSR) and more Robert Mugabi (Zimbabwe) and Saddam Hussein (Iraq).

The Sodahead graphic explains this dichotomy:

The Rightardia political spectrum in the US

Progressive Dems Blue Dog Dems Yellow Dog Dems Libertarians Establishment conservatives fascists (ditto heads, TP, militia)

I-----------------------CENTER----------------I I-------------------------------------RIGHT------------------------------I

Appreciate any feedback to improve the US political spectrum. 

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