Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hearts to Waste Management, farts to Disposall

The eight 55 gallon trash bags were picked up by Waste Management on the first day the new service started. It took five weeks before Disposall picked up the old trash bins behind the trash bags. 

During  one month period, my trash pickup service, Disposall, forgot to pick up 400 gallons of trash and garbage. This was during the holiday season in which most household deposit more trash than usual.

This was after I had made several calls to the Disposall office  posted complaints to the Disposall web site and even talked to two different Disposall managers.

I also talked to the the Disposall driver and increased my trash pickup to twice a week.

Things didn't get better. So I fired Disposall and went back to Waste Management. I had no problems since the changeover except for one.

When you hire a trash pickup service, they usually give you two bins: one for trash and the other for recycle,

After more than a month, Disposal still hadn't picked up their old bins. 

Eventually, the homeowner is charged for these bins.

After another fruitless call, to Disaposall to pick up their bins, I had to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and WFLA's Eight on Your Side, 

Two days later, the two old bins were finally removed from my property,

If you live in a Pinellas unincorporated area and need trash service, Rightardia recommends Waste Management. People pick up you trash and the company will take up  to 8 trash bags plus the company bins per pickup.

Disposall uses a single driver with a claw. It is very restrictive on its pickups. It will take the two company bins plus one extra bin on the initial pickup and two bins max if there is second pickup day.

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Some garbage companies are extremely lazy, like the ones around here. If you aren't extremely specific about where you leave your cans, if their barely touching the curb, they won't even bother. Its a real pain in the butt!

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