Monday, January 7, 2013

Why the GOP is in deep kimchi

But Zombie Ron you promised the Reagan Democrats would vote for me

Mitt Romney was convinced he was going to win the presidential election because Project ORCA and Karl Rove had the fix in on three swing states. Anonymous stopped the Republican fix cold. Karl Rove in now being investigated on Ohio for possible election fraud in 2004.

Mitt Romney was mortified  All of his sycophantic staff assured him he would win. So did Fox News with and its correspondent, Dick Morris. Mitt's campaign staff and Fox News got egg on their face and Fox lost a great amount of viewership after the election. You can only fool people for so long!

Ramp space for corporate jets at Logan Airport was all taken for the corporatists who were flying in for the victory  A big firework display in Boston Harbor also had to be cancelled.

What was Mitt's first act after the defeat? He cancelled the credit cards for his campaign staff and many had difficulty getting back to their hotel rooms by taxi. 

Mitt has never even written a concession speech but I though his speech was excellent. This was the the man who believed he was the Mormon messiah and who whose destiny under the White Horse Prophesy was to be president. He was mortified and shocked at his loss. How could this happen to this Great White Hope?

However, Democrats were not surprised. Few Republicans have any idea of the extent of the OFA mobilization efforts. Democrats had no interest in letting a one per enter like GW Bush back into White House.

The election was multifaceted hard work. Rightardia predicted Obama would win after the third debate. Nate Silver's 538 blog and Intrade made the outcome clear long before November 7.

Americans predominantly blame the GOP and GW Bush for the economic downturn. Current attempts of the GOP to portray themselves as fiscal conservatives isn't fooling anyone.

Put the GOP back in power and they will coddle the affluent by cutting taxes followed with huge increases to defense spending. before they start another war.

The GOP may think they can continue to obstruct the president as the 112th congress did, but eventually one fine day the GOP will recover the presidency. When that happens, good luck with bi-partisanship with the Democrats! The kimchi will get even deeper then.

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