Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The battle for FL Democratic chair heats up

Today Allison Tant released her vision for the Florida Democratic Party.

Over the last two years I have participated in discussions around our state about a vision and a plan to Rebrand, Rebuild and Recruit for a more inclusive Florida Democratic Party. The plan has been widely distributed and discussed, but it is not ‘my’ plan, it is our plan. Many of the ideas and concepts came from you. The committed women and men who have worked in our party, walked door to door, phone banked and planted yard signs. It is our plan to move our party forward.

While her words are different, I am proud that Allison has adopted many of the concepts that I presented in the plan to Rebrand, Rebuild and Recruit and the ideas we have discussed including the Governor Victory Fund.

Compare the two plans, our background, work history, and party experience.

I stood with you yesterday, I stand with you today and I will still be standing with you tomorrow.

Together we will move our party forward.

In solidarity,

Alan Clendenin
Democratic National Committee

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