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Tea Party Activists are busted being trained In Guerrilla Internet Tactics

Uploaded on Oct 20, 2010

BUSTED! Catching Tea Partiers being trained in Guerilla Internet Tactics.
From the film (Astro) Turf Wars: How Corporate America Is Faking A Grassroots Revolution

This clip shows Austin James of American Majority training tea party activists on guerrilla internet tactics to "control the online dialogue". The footage was shot at the 2009 American Liberty Tour, run by a group of libertarian groups tied to real-estate mogul and Koch associate Howie Rich. The clip is taken from a section of the film showing how libertarian/free-market groups are recruiting tea party protestors into their cause.

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The GOP is doing things today far worse. One wing nut named Patriot Games sends a constant stream of political spam to the Usenet's alt.politics. 

Another groups of a couple of hundred people was caught using Reddit to downgrade liberal  posts and upgrade conservative posts until reddit outed them and banned the people in the group from posting ratings 

The man is this video is clearly not very IT or Internet savvy. 

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