Sunday, January 27, 2013

Republican Dirty Tricks: End of the Reagan Error

Rightardia has mentioned that the destruction of the middle class started with Ronald Reagan with his supply side economics that led to absurd tax cuts for the affluent.

This was coupled with deficit creating defense spending. GW Bush repeated the errors of Ronnie Raygun.

"For the majority of Americans, Reaganomics was a failure. Even Reagan’s own Budget Director admitted Reaganomics destroyed the economy by turning America from the most to the least upwardly mobile with the widest income gap of all industrialized nations. Stagnating wages and concentrating wealth at the top would be considered a failure if your mission was to create a society that works for all – not just billionaires.

The fact that the Republicans are STILL peddling their trickle-down voodoo speaks volumes that they simply have a different definition of “success.” Namely, the Republicans’ true constituency 'succeeds” when the rich get richer and the working class are permanently ensconced as the more malleable, compliant, and easily exploitable “working poor.'"
See Republican Dirty Tricks:

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