Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More SU-34 bombers delivered to Russian Air Force

RIA NovostiSukhoi Delivers 5 Su-34 Bombers to Russian Air ForceSukhoi Delivers 5 Su-34 Bombers to Russian Air Force
14:16 25/01/2013 The Novosibirsk aircraft plant, part of the Sukhoi holding, delivered five multirole Su-34 strike aircraft to the Russian Air Force on Friday, the manufacturer said.>>

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michael jordan said...

Russian aviation is getting more powerful with addition of Su-34 full back fighter bomber.It is a fixed wing aircraft that appears in battlefield.It can be used to bomb high traffic areas of the map and to support armor on the offensive.The speed of this Su-34 is 1900km/h at altitude and at sea-level it is 1300km/h.Getting more details on this :