Monday, January 28, 2013

How to meet the woman of your dreams

You could call 1-800-HOT-DATE and talk to some old crone for a dollar per minute.

Or you could got to a trendy night club and try to meet a women while sipping $10 per drink whisky sours.

Or you could try meeting the quality ladies in the Democratic party by volunteering your time with America's finest political party. 

The Democratic party is fueled by women. At most of the events and rallies Rightadria, 80 per cent or more of the attendees were female. When the dust cleared in the 2012 elections, Obama had an 11 point advantage with women,

So you can waste your money on hot lines aor in the bars, or join the Democratic party to meet some fine ladies.

If you think Rightardia is kidding , look around on our  FB page: 

There are a lot of wonderful ladies here.

Get active in politics and meet some of them!

Keep in mind, the Rightardia FB page is political. It is not a dating site. The best way to meet Democratic ladies is at a political event, not on this page.

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