Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alen Clendenin picks up Democratic Veterans' Caucus of Florida endorsement

(Altamonte Springs, FL) The Democratic Veterans' Caucus of Florida representing the interest of Florida Veterans in the Florida Democratic Party endorses Alan Clendenin in his race to become the next Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party.

“He has a very thoughtful, detailed plan for carrying our party forward into the 2014 elections, and beyond.” Vic Ogilvie Colonel, USAF (Ret.), President, Democratic Veterans' Caucus of Florida

“I am honored to have received the support of our Democratic Veterans. We owe our veterans gratitude, honor and respect for their service and sacrifice. But equally important we owe the families of the fallen and injured the highest quality health care and support to assist in their recovery and well being.” Alan Clendenin

The Democratic Veterans' Caucus of Florida joins a growing list of organizations, elected leaders and grassroots activists supporting Mr. Clendenin for Florida Democratic Party Chair. Mr. Clendenin has been endorsed by:

The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

Alan Clendenin added:

The Florida Democratic Party stands with our men and women who have served our nation. As chair of the party, I will work with the veterans caucus to ensure our thanks and best wishes are backed up by policy and action. 

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