Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Political Spectrum

First, let's look at the international political spectrum

As you can see, the authentic international left is made up of communists and socialists  The right is populated by conservatives and fascists.

The people with the tin foil hats are called radicals on the left and reactionaries on the right.

Now let's look at the political spectrum in the US House of Representatives courtesy of Nate Sliver:

It should be obvious in the House there is really no significant left wing caucus. The Democratic progressive caucus is part of the liberal Democratic wing. However, in the Senate  there is one socialist, Sen, Bernie Sanders.

The Blue dog Democrats often vote with the GOP so they are actually center right Democrats.

The US liberal movement is essentially centrist. This is true for the liberal party in the UK, too,  as shown in the political  poster from Liverpool.
The liberal movement started more than 200 years ago during the French and American revolutions. It is a centrist philosophy today that developed as a counterpoint to European monarchies.

The Establishment or country club Republicans are status quo conservatives.

Many of the Tea Partiers are fascists. Allen West is good example of a fascist Republican. So are Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Louie Gohlmert.

It should e clear that after the past two elections, the US electorate has shifted to the center from the center right.

The GOP, on the other hand,  has shifted from the right and descended into far right fascism. Fascism is another word for corporatism. On author has stated that corporatism is the first stage of fascism
There really is no coherent left wing political movement in the US as there is in Europe  This is why European politics are so different from those in the US.


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Djeaux Farrasco said...

I apologize for getting to the party so late! Nice article & extremely enlightening. What's the citation on the source that says corporatism is the first step to fascism? Thanks!

Unknown said...

There are many articles that equate corporatism to fascism. This should be clear if you have read some of Mussolini's writings. Mussolini advocated a corporate hierarchy in IT>