Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rogue trash collection in Pinellas County

Trash and garbage collection is a tough business. At one time most of this was municipal service, but trash collection was privatized throughout the US and even crime organizations have been involved with it.

Usually the people the pick up have a driver and a collector. Many companies have gone to just a driver who uses a special arm with a claw to pickup the containers and drop the contents into the garbage truck. This means the garbage and trash contents must fit into the provided cans. Without the second worker,  these companies will usually not pick up bags of lawn debris.
About two months ago I noticed my trash pickups were being missed. Often one can would be picked up but the other one left. So I called Louie's Waste Disposal, now called DisposAll of Pinellas to find out what the problem could be.I even read there FAQ which was vague. I also contacted them using an Internet online form.

The Service didn't get any better so I went out and talked to the driver, He indicated that three cans could go out on Monday that included the recycle container.I advised him that I was also adding a Thursday pickup day that was an added expense to get caught up. He said he would pickup two cans on Thursday.

So Thursday came and both cans were missed.

The following Monday, three cans were missed. On Thursday nothing was picked up.

Is DisposAll of Pinellas short handed? Rightardia doesn't know.

I called DisposAll of Pinellas and cancelled my service after talking to Waste Management. 

The employee who took my call was professional but could not explain why I was having this problem  I mentioned that I had seen the driver peeking into my cans which I thought was odd.

In any event,Waste Management will provide a 96 gallon replacement can and a smaller recycle can,. Waste Management will also pick up 10 bags per pickup or 20 bags per week with the second pickup.

Is Disposal of Pinellas short handed? Rightardia doesn't know. Apparently Waste Management picked up a lot of new customers on Monday because the woman I talked to said they were having a heavy call load for new service.

Christmastime is a bad time for any company to miss these pickups.

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