Saturday, November 3, 2012

WMR: Sandy's Florida backlash may doom Romney's chances to win Sunshine State

Many polls show Florida as a neck-and-neck race between President Obama and Mitt Romney. However, Sandy may have changed the political dynamic.

Although Sandy only delivered a glancing blow to the Sunshine State, the political back winds may hurt Romney in a way that political pundits and pollsters could have never imagined.

The threat to Social Security and Medicare by Romney's and his running mate Paul Ryan's budget slashing proposals had already spooked Florida's retirees long before Halloween. 

But Sandy has tossed a ringer into the political mix. A number of retirees in Florida left their children and grandchildren New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. 

Even the most ardent Romney supporters among Florida's retirees from the Northeast are now expressing concerns about Romney's lackluster support for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the federal small business loans and grants and how Romney's and Ryan's budget slashing plans may adversely their kids' and grand kids' chances to recover from Sandy.

Preliminary estimates of damage from Sandy now hover around $30 billion and is expected to increase. A number of Romney's and Ryan's congressional supporters have already stated that federal assistance to Sandy's victims should be tied to budget cuts in other areas. 

In essence, if there are no cuts in areas like Medicare or Obamacare, there will be no funds budgeted for the Northeast's evacuees who now find themselves homeless, and that includes the families of a number of Florida's retirees. 

Florida retirees saw Romney's lame attempt at storm relief by sending staffers to an Ohio Wal-Mart to buy $5000 worth of canned soup, potato chips, and packages of socks to send to New Jersey as a political stunt.

When it comes down to either supporting Republicans or ensuring their children and grandchildren get the most the federal government has to offer, retirees from the Northeast who live in the gated communities of Florida and even along South Carolina's "Golf Coast" around Myrtle Beach, will opt for their families and will discard the propaganda of Karl Rove's billionaire-funded political action committees and the Tea Party "know-nothing" wing of the GOP.

The Republican election fraud machine has the mathematical algorithms set for a close election in Florida and other states. 

However, if retired solid or likely Republican voters swing to the Democratic column at the last minute to help their families in the Northeast, the algorithms won't be able to handle the sudden fluctuation without the danger of discovery by election monitors.

Pollsters, who are no longer independent but tied to corporate machinery, have no provision or interest in polling Romney voters likely to switch to Obama purely to protect their families in the Northeast. 

For people like Rove and Romney, who push family values, it will come as a complete shock when Romney voters justify changing their votes at the last minute because of their own commitment to "family values." 

There is a Romney cross-over vote for Obama in Florida purely due to Sandy. The pollsters and talking head pundits will ignore this fact.
exclusive copy: Wayne Madsen Report

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