Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We picked the right man for the job

First, Mittens would have been a disaster as president. We would have had a belligerent foreign policy and increased defense spending. The likelihood that the US would become embroiled in a middle east regional war would greatly increase.

While the election was going on, Iran agreed to abandon its nuclear program. This was accomplished with lengthy and delicate diplomacy.

The GOP approach would be to be shoot first and then to let God sort them out. Rightardia has written many times that invading Iran is a very bad idea. The terrain is mountainous and the Iranians share a the Caspian Sea with Russia which would simplify resupply.

Would Mittens improve employment? Moody's Analytic's anticipates 12 million new jobs will be created in the next four years regardless of who is president.

Republicans presidents have typically  created about half the jobs their Democratic counterparts have created. .GW Bush preferred to talk about worker productivity rather than new jobs. If you recall, HI-B visas were in vogue and foreign workers were being brought into the US while jobs were also being off shored during the Bush administration.

Americans will now get to keep their new health care system. You will be able to cover you kids under your health insurance until age 26 and there are no preexisting conditions. Part of Affordable Health Care
act has two public options that Obama will unleash next term.

In the past Rightardia has compared being president to captaining a large ship. Something you do in year one of your presidency may not perk until the end of the term or the beginning of the next term. We got to see the Republican approach for eight years with GW Bush.

Now lets see what the Democratic approach can generate with a second term.

Rightardia is optimistic. We have the right man, with the right plan as president.

He is fired up and ready to lead.

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