Thursday, November 15, 2012

Urantian Sojourn: The Romnesia Dream

"DURING THE EARLY DAYS OF WORLD WAR I, many soldiers began reporting an unusual array of medical symptoms after combat: headache, dizziness, tinnitus, tremor, and often, amnesia.

 By December of 1914, between 4% to 10% of all British troops were suffering from apparent nervous and mental shock. But the actual term “shell shock” came into use somewhat later to reflect an assumed link between the symptoms being reported and the effects of explosions from artillery shells, bombs, grenades, and other munitions.

So when a Romney campaign adviser flippantly characterized Romney, a man who has never seen a moment of military combat, as “shell shocked” on the evening of his historic loss, I immediately recalled Ann Romney‘s concern about his “mental well-being.” 

 Had he really spent so much time in the Echo Chamber of the Right-Wing Entertainment Industry, listening to the endless barrage of alternate reality bullshit that he was dizzy, tremulous, and amnesic in the face of his sudden exposure* to reality? . . "

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