Sunday, November 11, 2012

Huffington Post : Eric Shinseki, VA Chief, Charts Solid Gains For Veterans

Eric Shinseki indicates he VA backlog will be cleared up next year.

One of the big VA innovations is the disability benefit questionable (DBQ). See

The VA is a planning to use the DBQ in lieu of the C & P exam according to a Disabled American Veterans source at the Bay Pines. The DBQ will be used in lieu of the Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams.

Rightardia has been a big critic of these exams. The C&P doctors were authorized to evaluate vets who didn't have insurance. In the past most vets were required to take these exams if they filed a claim.

Rightardia has found these exams to be superficial and the exams often contain errors of both commission and omission. To make matters worse, the VA clams examiners usually put more weight on the C&P exams than on private physician letters and DBQs.

Rightardia is elated that the DBQ will eliminate the need for many C&P exams. This wills save taxpayer money.

Eric Shinseki, VA Chief, Charts Solid Gains For Veterans:

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