Monday, November 19, 2012

10 reasons Republicans think their party’s dysfunctional -

The GOP has a huge dilemma. First of all, there aren't enough Republicans to win national elections.It has become a minority regional party.

Second there are a wing of crazies in the party that have been there for decades. The Tea party and Rush Limbaugh's ditto heads seems to have a lot in common.

The moderates in the GOP have been pushed aside by the Club for Growth who challenges moderate Republican incumbents in primaries. If the moderate candidate survives the primary, he or she has their campaign funds depleted by the primary fight, making it more difficult to win in the general election.

One solutions that moderates are advocating is to purge the GOP of Rush and his ditto heads. This sounds great but it could generate a third party movement. In addition  the GOP will lose a huge chunk of its base making it harder than ever to win elections.

A simpler solution would be to push rush off the air as well as other wing nits

So the GOP is between a rock and hard pace, it cannot afford to alienate the right wing crazies who are led by people lime Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin.

However, when candidates try to appeal to his base as Mitt Romney did, it will lose the center filed with independents and moderates.

Rightardia predicts there will be a lot of rhetoric on the election loss but little change in the party will occur.

The GOP will continue to lose elections.

Check out the excellent article on GOP dysfunction.

10 reasons Republicans think their party’s dysfunctional -

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