Sunday, October 7, 2012

SNL's Cold Open: The Obama-Mittens debate

The SNL Cold Open didn't sugarcoat Obama's mediocre presentation in which the president seemed disengaged.

Did altitude sickness get the president or was some there some crises on his mind  Perhaps  someday  the truth will come out.

The president went first and had to the opportunity to set the tone for the debate and draw some blood.  Instead he lamented the that the debate was interfering with his anniversary. What a lame opening!

Mittens brought up bipartisanship. Romney's record for this was not good as Governor of MA.

Did Obama counter and point out that Mittens vetoed 800 bills as governor of MA and the Democratic legislature overrode 720 of them? No, he didn't.

Did Obama point out that Mitt Romney didn't even know the name of the key Democratic leaders in MA either when he was governor?

Obama didn't mention the 47 per cent comments either. How can you be bipartisan if you don't care about half o the US population?

Obama squandered the opportunity to make points and seemed to be nodding in agreement with Mitt's comments.

Having supported OFA in both 2008 an 2012, it is a demanding organization. However, The supporters of OFA expect the same sort o intensity form the president as he expects form us.

Joe Biden is up next and is arguably a god debater who totally annihilated Sarah Palin in the 2008  election. He should be able to take Paul Ryan. Biden has a lot better stage presence than Ryan who has weak effeminate voice.

The GOP will probably try to continue to introduce new spins on old data to make the Obama administration look incompetent.

For example, Romney told a whooper that $90 billion went to green energy.  About 60 per cent of the expenses was related to US infrastructure and home energy upgrades, not new experimental technology.


However, we know have enough wind power in the US to meet the energy need of CA. We are making progress with green renewable energy.

Mittens also claimed that Obama doubled the deficit. Obama inherited about $2 trillion more form the Bush deficit. The US deficit is now more than $ 16 trillion. Most of this deficit has been caused by GOP tax cuts for the affluent and unfunded US wars. As you may recall, GW Bush started two wars but never raised taxes.

Rightardia hopes Obama get some new debate coaches who equip him with a strong opening statement in the next presidential debate.

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