Monday, October 1, 2012

Doney Hotey: Mitt Mobile in the Final Stretch

Mitt Mobile in the Final Stretch

Mitt Romney, is pictured here driving his 80's model Chevy station wagon on the road to Election Day 2012. He is accompanied by his wife Ann Romney, running mate Paul Ryan, and one of his major benefactors Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson is one of the Election Robber Barons flooding political Super Pacs with cash in 2012. Sheldon is making everyone uncomfortable by incessantly asking Daddy Mitt, "Are we President yet?" Ann Romney has an adhesive bandage over her lips "so that people don't get tired of her." 

Paul Ryan is leaning as far to the right as he can to separate himself from Romney. His worried face is out the window and he is waving a sign that says, "Ryan 2016 - TeaPublican Party." 

The Republican elephant is strapped to the roof of the wagon in an RNC pet carrier. We are fortunate not to be able to see the streaming effluent being evacuated by the terrified animal

Romney is not worried about damage to the baggage that has fallen from the roof after the rear tire went flat when he ran over a chair in the road. Or was it a video camera?. 

He blithely puts the pedal to the metal unconcerned about damage to 47 percent of Americans, Detroit and the American auto industry, women's rights,teachers, gay rights, Social Security, Medicare, etc. 

Black Americans are not even visible in his rear view mirror. 

Romney does hold on tight to protect his copy of the Book of Mormon. The Mitt Mobile shows signs of wear and tear after so many hard miles. 

The stickers from the Cayman Islands andSwitzerland are getting soiled. You can barely read the "I would rather Bank in Switzerland" sticker. The license plate is a vanity item, "Money Ayn 2012." 

The wagon sports a BAIN grill, a dollar sign hood ornament and Etch-A-Sketch wheel covers. 

The group will stop to refuel at the Denver Debate Depot. They are hoping gas prices won't be too high and the cookies from the 7-11 will give them new confidence and energy.

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