Saturday, September 1, 2012

ThinkProgress: Joint Chiefs Chair: Israeli Attack On Iran Would Only Delay Nuke Program, Undo Coalition

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

(Gen Martin) "Dempsey explained that he did not know whether Iran intends to build nuclear weapons — the IAEA and U.S. and Israeli intelligence all agree that Iran has not made that decision — but that a premature attack could dismantle the international coalition President Obama has assembled to confront and isolate Iran over its disputed nuclear program . . ."

Joint Chiefs Chair: Israeli Attack On Iran Would Only Delay Nuke Program, Undo Coalition | ThinkProgress:

If you thinks that a Republican president and state department would listen to the generals and have the patience to use diplomacy to prevent war, remember what happened when GW Bush was president.

GW Bush got the US into war with Iraq. His administration fabricated a story about Iraq planning a chemical or biological attack on American cities with remote-controlled "drone" planes equipped with GPS tracking.

Rightardia looked at an article in Haaretz today and a former Mossad chief indicated an Israeli attack could lead to a decades long war.

This would be a regional war with the US on one side and Russia on the other. The Russians would have a significant logistics advantage.

Smart politicians listen to the generals and the experts. The Bush administration, on the other hand,  told the generals to sit down and shut up when they objected to the Iraq War. 

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