Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scott Swope for sheriff

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When Rick Scott appointed Bob Gualtieri as interim Sheriff, Gualtieri decided to cut the fugitive section, a bureau of 16 deputies whose primary responsibility was to review and serve arrest warrants.

As a result, Pinellas County now is second in the state in unserved warrants -- 56,000 of them, and almost 15,000 of those are for felony charges.Gualtieri asserts that a warrants database accessible from squad car computers allows those deputies to do the work once done by detectives.

But, according to the Tampa Bay Times: “experts and officials at other large law enforcement agencies cast doubt on that claim. Tracking down fugitives, they say, requires a level of investigative zeal that cannot realistically be expected from deputies who are also responsible for policing the streets.”

(To read the article, click here.)

In the best interests of the safety of all Pinellas residents -- Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and those who aren't even registered to vote -- we ask that you read the article, comment on it, share it with your friends, and support Scott Swope, the Democrat running to replace Gualtieri.

Scott Swope will immediately reinstate the Fugitive Section if elected, and will work with all of us to make sure our civil rights are respected, and our streets are safer.

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