Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Congressman Young Ducks Public Debate but Speaks Behind Closed Doors
Bill Young ducked yet another public debate but today he found the time to speak behind closed doors at a members only reception. To date, this makes three missed opportunities for Young to engage in the democratic process by discussing the issues most important to the people of Pinellas.
Last night's Seminole Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters forum was held in the same building as Young's district congressional office and yet Young gave no reason for his absence from the event. Still running and hiding from his vote to turn Medicare into a voucher program, Young could not even walk down the hall to address the crowd of voters gathered at the Forum to hear all other candidates in the area from County Commissioner to Sheriff. However, Bill Young did manage to find the time to speak at a closed-door, members-only event today.
After the third canceled public debate, Jessica Ehrlich has challenged Bill Young to three televised debates. As of the sending of this release, there has been no reply to the Ehrlich campaign or the voters of Pinellas County.
"It has been decades since a congressional debate was held here in Pinellas County," said Ehrlich about Young's disregard for the people of Pinellas. "The voters here deserve a discussion on the issues that affect their daily lives" 

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