Monday, September 17, 2012

Bill Young "Too Busy" for Debate Next to his Office but Doubles Down on Paul Ryan in DC and Out of District Events

St. Petersburg, FL - Congressman CW Bill Young told the Tampa Bay Times that he was "too busy" to debate on September 6th in a candidate forum in his office building. But on September 13th he found the time to attend an event for Paul Ryan in DC and on September 15th he stumped for Ryan in Florida outside the district he is supposed to represent. 

Proving how much he has lost touch with Pinellas County Young said, "I know in my district it's had a positive effect, him being on the ticket," Young continued to say when he attended Paul Ryan's event in DC. "He's just a likable guy." Young must not be talking about the women that actually live in his district who would have their right to choose, equal pay for equal work or access to affordable birth control stripped away. If Paul Ryan and Bill Young get their way women's health and equality will be rolled back decades.

"Bill Young may think Paul Ryan is a 'likable guy' because they both want to restrict equal pay, access to affordable birth control and send a women's right to choose back to the early 70's, when Young was first elected." Said Ehrlich in response to Young entrenching himself with Paul Ryan. "Young has clearly lost touch with the people of the district he is supposed to represent."

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