Tuesday, August 21, 2012

U.S. Conservatism: An Evolutionary Dead End?

"Reagan's 1980 election to president established conservatism as the dominant U.S. political philosophy. The individual and the 'me generation' were established as the epitome of society. Government and government workers were publically identified as THE problem facing America. Take stock of where this philosophy led and what it accomplished. When Reagan became president, the United States literally led the world in every area of human endeavor from science to the arts from healthcare to agriculture. Today, the dismal truth is that the U.S. is now the clear leader in none of these areas. The conservative cult of the individual and denigration of public service is a failure. The cult of the individual stripped of the mantle of civic responsibility led to stagnation and decay. The only question remaining is when will the American people realize it?"



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