Monday, August 13, 2012

The Difference Between Barack Obama And Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plans | TPMDC

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The Ryan Medicare plan would do two things. First, it would provide a $5900 voucher to the typical American who is now 55 and will be entering Medicare in 10 years.

The recipient would have to use that money to buy private insurance. They would not be able to use the money to negotiate fee simple rates for their doctors.

Essentially the Ryan plan would privatize Medicare. It would likely cause senior care costs to skyrocket.

Obama wants to make Medicare more solvent by cutting costs to insurance providers which is essential to the Affordable Heath Care Act.

Undoubtedly the FICA payroll taxes will have to be raised to make both Social Security and Medicare more solvent.

of course, you can look at increase at FICA as the glass half empty as Republicans do.

FICA can be best viewed as a long term savings plan that provides for seniors at old age and keeps them off of the welfare rolls.

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The Difference Between Barack Obama And Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plans | TPMDC:

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