Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New IAVA Report Card due out on Aug. 23

This is the Iraq and Afghan Veterans of America 2010 report card for the two US Republican representatives form Pinellas county. These two report cards were unchanged form 2008.

Of interest,Gus Bilirakis runs annual veteran events with Bay Pines and many other veteran organizations annually  You would think he would be big supporter of vets. His voting record suggests otherwise,

CW Bill Young has been in the House for 40 years and needs to retire. His Democratic challenger, Jessica Ehrlich, may send him packing!

MS. Ehrlich needs to work with veteran organizations to expose Young's shabby record with vets.

The 2012 IAVA report card will be out in two days, Young, who is a leading lawmakers on military matters,  got another F. 


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