Thursday, August 30, 2012

Less than 30 per cent of national debt created by Democratic presidents

The Republican National Convention has been trying to convince Americans that Democrats have created huge national debt problem.

Paul Ryan doubled down on the Sarah Palin lie tonight by making wildly inaccurate claims about the debt accumulated under President Obama.

Ryan wrongly said that the debt had grown more under Obama than "all those other presidents combined."

It is clear from the graphic that most of the national debt accumulated during Republican presidencies.

This is like the Fox who has been guarding the Hen house who was been chased away by a dog.

The fox wants back in the hen house by claiming it was really the dog who was eating the chickens.

It's the GOP who is the fox that needs to be kept out of the White House!

Only 27.4 per cent of the national debt was created when democratic presidents were in office.

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