Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Editorial: Rightardia encounters a birther

A birther was on the Rightrdia Facebook page page last night: Rightardia Facebook page

A man named Vince was posting stuff about Obama being born in Kenya. Obama was born in Honolulu and his birth announcement was in two newspapers. He has released both short form and long form (COLB) birth certificate. In addition, Obama was born in 1961. Kenya didn't exist until 1963.

Vince stated that Obama's dad was African.That is true but all that would suggest at best is that Obama could qualify for dual citizenship. However, the president meets all of the requirements for US citizenship, for sure.

It appears the same person said to one of the female posters ‎"It really gets tiring to see you demonizing white people at every turn. and made references to "White, Jewish, Feminine," opinion.

I don't think the Rightrdia Facebook web page has such a venue. If it did, few women would be here. We have more than 200 female friends and acquaintances. There are more women than men which is the opposite of the Rightardia blog. Most of the blog reder ae male and and 45 + in age. Recently we started to  attract some younger viewers.

The surprising thing about Vince was he was not the standard under-educated ditto head. He had attended school in the mid-west and had a civil engineering background.

Many engineers disparage people with arts and sciences backgrounds, but it was clear Vince needed some of these courses under his belt. He didn't grasp the economic basis of the economic stimulus. The Europeans didn't follow Keynesian principals and their austerity programs failed.

Vince then posted a picture of Nancy Pelosi with her grandchildren and stated if she had it her way they would all be dead because Nancy is pro-choice. What is the point of such a hateful post about a women's right to choose?

Vince blew in with another person that had been friended on Facebook. I clicked on his name to go to his Facebook profile and noticed he was listed as a Facebbok subscriber. Rightardia doesn't allow subscribers. But by unsubscribing Vince, I got rid of this pest.

It is interesting but most conservatives don't advertise that fact on their Facebook pages. Conservatives usually appear apolitical. Liberals.progressives and Democrats more often advertise their party affiliation or it is apparent in the organizations they are members of.

Perhaps conservatives are embarrassed for being Republican. The GOP has certianly become a gnarly political party.


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