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Buzz 60: Latest Swing State Polls Show Attack Ads Don't Move the Needle

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The eight swing states in campaign 2012 have been inundated in attack ads bashing Mitt Romney and Barack Obama but haven't moved the poll results much at all. Obama still leads in six of the eight (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin) while Romney is ahead in two (Colorado and Virginia). But are voters really paying attention yet?

Rightardia is inclined to believe that the election is over and most people have made up their mind. We would be amazed if their were any bi swings in election before Nov. 6.

Mittens has made plenty of mistakes and this election will not be close. You can vote for candidate who claims his party will create jobs and get the economy going, 

Historically, the GOP has not been as successful as Democrats in creating jobs. 

If you think that tax cuts are needed for affluent Americans to promote supply side (trickle down) economics, then Mittens is your man. 

The election is between he champion of the middle calls and the champion of the one per cent.

It's really as simple as that!

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