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Bright House has some great phone features and call blocking

Once Voice Over IP (VOIP) was invented, the local Ma Bell monopoly over land line phones ended. Cell phones also hastened the death of the tip and ring phones and all the taxes and tolls associated with them.

Wirehead bought a Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus business phone for his home because of an advanced call block feature. The phone can block 30 callers, but it is amazing how quickly the call block queue filled up.

Recently Wirehead had to change a password for his Bright House email account and noticed there were option for his Bright House phone on the web-base My services account. One of the features was call blocking and Wirehead used his Bright Houses My Services web page to block additional calls.


Brighthouse  also has a downloadable phone tools called Easy Gadget,

Easy Gadget enables you to monitor and manage your Home Phone activity with your computer. Easy Gadget is compatible with your Mac or Windows computer. You can also download the Easy Gadget app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android phone.

Easy Gadget offers:

  • Call logs with a list of the 25 most recent incoming calls
  • Quick access to Voice Mail messages online. 
  • The ability to delete calls on the list of 25 most recent incoming calls.
  • The ability to monitor your Home Phone from multiple devices simultaneously at home or away.
  • A Click-to-Call feature to initiate outgoing calls on your Home Phone directly from your computer or mobile phone.
  • A Click-to-Text feature to send text messages from your computer to mobile phones.
  • A contacts list, enabling you to:
  • Assign unique ringtones to contacts.
  • Assign pictures to contacts.
  • Import and export contacts to and from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Google, and other address books.
  • Send Caller ID text notifications of calls made to your Bright House Networks Home Phone to your mobile phone
  • Remotely forward calls from your Home Phone to another number.
  • Search for phone numbers by business category, business name, or person – or to search for information about an incoming phone number with a reverse number lookup.

The reverse name lookup is for local businesses only because Rightardia tested the feature.

A Bright House rep called ans asked what we thought of the new features in Easy Gadget. We indicated the features are useful, but we would like call block added to Easy Gadget so we didn't have to go to My Services web page to perform this function.

If a Bright House phone user wants to block a call, the user must use the web based My Services phone tools to do this.

However, we noticed that Bright House also offers an  Anonymous Call Rejection (*77) service. Simply enter *77 and wait for a dial tone. See

You can use *87 to cancel  Anonymous Call Rejection.

At last, the phone isn't ringing off of the hook with unwanted calls. 

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