Friday, August 10, 2012

Al Jazeera English Opinion: What Romney's lies are trying to hide - Opinion -

True Mitt

San Pedro, CA - "Romney's campaign is so deeply rooted in lying about Obama that his campaign book, No Apologies, takes its title from the false accusation that Obama has apologised for the US. What Obama has actually done is repudiate Bush's Romney-like arrogance (while simultaneously criticising anti-American attitudes). Funny, how Republicans mistake their own arrogance for the US itself. How downright foreign they are to Thomas Jefferson's concern for "a decent respect to the opinions of mankind" expressed at the outset of the Declaration of Independence.

Then, when Romney officially announced his candidacy, he claimed: "When he [Obama] took office, the economy was in recession, and he made it worse, and he made it last longer," another false claim (chart here, from Table 1 here). The economy was shrinking catastrophically at an 8.9 per cent annual rate during Bush's final quarter year in office - the worst quarterly drop in more than 50 years." 

see What Romney's lies are trying to hide - Opinion - Al Jazeera English:

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