Monday, July 23, 2012

WIN: 45,000 IBEW, CWA Workers At Verizon Want Federal Mediation To reach A Fair Contract

By Doug Cunningham

The Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers want a federal mediator to help with labor contract negotiations with Verizon Communications.

The unions represent about 45,000 workers at Verizon along the east coast from New England to Virginia. 

For more than a year the two unions have tried to bargain with Verizon to reach a new deal. Verizon wants significant concessions from its workers even though the company has made $16.3 billion in profit over the last four years. 

Verizon’s CEO recently got a 200 percent increase in compensation. 

The IBEW and the CWA say that for the past year they’ve been flexible but Verizon is insisting on deep concessions as it refuses to return any of the thousands of jobs it has off-shored. 

The unions hope a federal mediator may be able to help them get to a fair contract with Verizon. The delay in making that happen, the unions say, is bad for workers, consumers and communities served by Verizon.

Rightardai doesn't do business with Verizon. Besides a rather notorious anti-labor reputation, We have  had many disputes with this company over the padding of cable and cell phone bills. 

Once you sign a contract with Verizon, you may be contacted about "special deals" that will actually raise your cable bill. 

Our advice, never change the original contract with Verizon, particularly if it requires a contract of more than ayear.  

If Mitt Romeny were elected president, which is unlikely, the workers request for a mediator would be turned down or the IBEW and CWA would be provided with a mediator who was anti-labor. 

Elections do make a difference. 

source: Workers Independent News

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