Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wall Street Journal: Mitt Romney Is 'Squandering' Candidacy With Health Care Tax Snafu

"The message was penned to Romney via an op-ed, titled "Romney's Tax Confusion," in response to his campaign's seesawing over whether the individual mandate contained in President Barack Obama's health care law is a tax or a penalty.
On Wednesday, Romney told CBS News he agrees with the Supreme Court ruling that the individual mandate is a tax, a direct contradiction to what his top adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, said earlier this week. Fehrnstrom had referred to the mandate as a penalty, a line that was echoed by campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul, who said Romney "thinks [the mandate] is an unconstitutional penalty."
According to the Journal, if Romney loses his presidential bid, the health care tax snafu could prove to be the turning point . . ."
Rightardia thinks the GOP has overestimated the importance of this issue to the American electorate. By now the issue has fatigued both progressives and the Tea Party.

The Democrats spent 18 months on the Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court confirmed the individual mandate (IM) is constitutional. It's time to move on.

Whether the IM is a tax or tax penalty is not important. It does show the inability of Repblicans to handle ambiguity, a well-known conservative shortfall.

Rightardia would imagine a mixed race president is also a very tough nut for the GOP to crack. 

Welcome to the brave new world. 

Republicans prefer a black and white world in which there are no shades of gray like President Obama.

However, since the IM penalty will be collected by IRS, people who fraudulently certify they have insurance could face a huge fine and even jail time.

The Romney campaign seems to be unraveling. First, the latest Romney ad attacks the Obama ads as being misleading.

Shouldn't Mittens abeing attacking Obama and not Obama's ads?

Now Ann Romney said President Barack Obama's reelection campaign is trying to "kill" Mitt Romney in a joint interview with her husband on Wednesday.

Ann said: 

I feel like all he's doing is saying, 'Let's kill this guy.
And I feel like that's not really a very good campaign policy.
Rightardia has defeined the campaign as a Chicago Street Fighter v. the Mormon sissy. What did the Romney campaign expect when Mittnens started his run for presidency? 

Rightardia is glad the Democrats took the gloves off in the first round. We think Obama is starting to get to Mittens. 

The last thing this country needs after the GW Bush debacle is another pampered one per center as president.

See Wall Street Journal: Mitt Romney Is 'Squandering' Candidacy With Health Care Tax Snafu 

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