Thursday, July 5, 2012

Understanding the communication gap between the two partys

Rightrdia would agree. We've talked about Lawrence Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development before. Kohlberg  discovred that post-conventionals can comprehend conventional ideas, but the reverse is often not true.

Why is this so? It is because post-conventional or liberal thought is a higher level of consciousness than conventional. People move through the stages to the next stage during life. Post-conventioanals have been conventional thinkers, but many conventionals never develop post-conventional thinking.

Most post-conventionals have attended college where they have been exposed to the post conventional thinking ot college professors.

However, post-conventional thinking doesn't really develop in most adults until they are in their thirties. The conservative belief that college students are brain-washed into becoming liberals is ludicrous.

Of interest, The new Texas Republican platform states that the TX Republican Party opposes the “teaching of higher order thinking skills.”

Bloom’s Taxonomy — the common way of defining higher order thinking skills — describes higher order thinking skills as those requiring analysis, evaluation or creation.

The graphic expalins Kohlberg's schema:

There are two types of conservatives. Stage 3s are the stereotypical conformist conventionals. A good example would be Rush Limbaugh ditto heads.

Rightardia suspects most of these conventioanls have large amygdalas which explains why they are so susceptible to rants and emotional appeals.

These Stage 3s appreciate the simplicity of black and white conservative thought. 

There are also the higher level stage 4s that are are oriented to maintaining social order, and establishing rules and authority. These people see the world in concrete and love legal frameworks like the 10 Commandments

The stage 4s are 'in the box" my way or the highway types. You will find a lot of these people in the armed services and law enforcement.

It is possible for stage 5 post conventional people to commincate with stage 4 conservatives. However, since the stage 3 Tea Partiers and ditto heads have taken over the GOP, communication has become nearly impossible between the two political parties.

Because conventional people don't get liberal thought, they tend to see post-conventional or liberal thought as another sort of other conventional thought process such socialism or communism.  Some see liberals as undsicplined stage two intumental egosits.

Recently Rightardia read a post on Usenet suggesting liberals were people who had never been spanked suggesting post-conventionals are undisciplined.

Psot-coventionals might retort that conventionals are people who were spanked a little too often and that is why many have the so-called anal personality type.

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