Thursday, July 12, 2012

Will C.W. Bill Young apologize?

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Jessica Ehrlich is close to the goal of signatures for a petition to Bill Young that demands an apology for his demeaning and insulting exchange with a young voter who asked for his stance on minimum wage. 

As reported by several major news outlets and by the Washington Post, Young rudely replied to the voter’s question, “Get a job” – never mind the fact that the voter did, in fact, have a job! 

Even worse, when asked to explain his opposition to raising minimum wage, he said he “doesn’t favor handouts.” It is not a handout if people are working for it. Please help us hold him accountable. 

How long will Congressman Young remain silent? Voters deserve answers and a member of Congress who will listen to their views and needs. It’s time for a fresh approach – which is exactly what our campaign is all about.

Thank you for standing with me, 

Jessica Ehrlich

P.S. Our momentum is continuing to surge – we need to show the media, the pundits and our opponent we can go toe-to-toe until Election Day and continue to hold him accountable. Please contribute to our Rapid Response efforts today. Thank you.


Rightardia featured the video of C.W. Bill Young when he was berating the young man who asked if Rep. Young if he would support an increase to the minimum wage.

Young told the young man, who was employed, to get a job!

Rightardia thinks Young, who is the most senior person in Congress, should should retire. Young is 81 years old and well past his prime. 

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