Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Port Richey, FL Patch: A State Constitutional Amendment to Save Property Taxes

A proposed cosntitional aemdnment will redress a taxation wrong. The amendment will eliminate the "recapture rule" that allowed home assessments to increase while a home had lost market value. 

In general housing values improve every year, at least until the Bush Ownership Society collapsed the real estate market. This consititonal amendment will also help first time home buyerswith additional tax exemptions.

State Senator Mike Fasano said on this amendment:

A super majority of voters, 60 percent, will have to approve this amendment before it can become part of the Florida Constitution. So many people will benefit from these proposed changes.  It is imperative that Floridians get out and vote in favor of this proposal.  It has the potential of turning around a real estate market that is stagnant, all while helping first time homebuyers get a house to call their own.

Rightardia is generally leery of Republican tax cuts, but we admire the work of Senator Fasano, who we think has the best interests of all Floridians at heart. 

A State Constitutional Amendment to Save Property Taxes - New Port Richey, FL Patch

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