Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mark Fiore: Mittlympics

Mitt has been described as an average person, a whiz kid sales person and an impersonal governor who tried to run MA like a CEO.

No one in the Rightardia office can relate to Mittens  because he lacks the personality and charisma of Obama.

When GW Bush was running against AL Gore, a hypothetical question came up: which candidate would would you like to have over for dinner?

In this case, most American would probably prefer Obama because he is more recognizable as a person with middle class values.

Poverty is becoming a big problem in the US  that Mitt would probably turn a deaf ear to because he thinks the US already has an effective safety net.

Mitt has already said he would not cut defense spending and his hinted at increasing it 50 per cent. Certainly social programs would suffer with such huge increases in defense spending.

Mitt is also likely to play footsie with Israel because Mormons believe they are descended form one of the lost tries of Israel. Mittens could get the US involved in a middle east regional war if Bibi Netanyahu gets his ear.

Certainly, Mittens will renew the bush tax cuts which will cause a an increase to the deficit. He will probably wan to keep the capital gains ta at 15 cent to mollify one per enters like himself and the Wall Streeters.

He will continue to suspend the estate tax and maintain tax incentives for corporations that are offshoring American jobs.

Can Romney create more jobs? Historically, the modern GOP presidents have created less than
all the jobs that Democratic presidents have created.

Of course, at what cost will a GOP president create jobs: by loosening health and environmental regulations so the Keystone XL pipeline can be built or by ignoring labor laws so more people can be hired at lower than industry standard wages. 

Can Mittens create some jobs?


But at what cost?

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