Monday, July 16, 2012

NY Times: Another Recount in Florida?

(A) new poll from Mason-Dixon, released on Saturday, that shows President Obama with a nominal 1-percentage-point lead there over Mitt Romney.

Nate Silver's model shows Florida as close as can be. It projects the Nov. 6 result as Mr. Obama 49.5 percent, Mr. Romney 49.4 percent — an outcome that would be close enough to trigger another recount.

It is clear why Gov. Rick Scott is trying to purge the voter rolls of "undocumented workers" in such a close race.

However, Organizing for Obama (OFO) just geared up two weeks ago. The Major has talked to 100s of FL Democrats who are very enthusiastic about the president's reelection.

see July 14: Another Recount in Florida? -

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